Wow-Factor on a Budget: Five Examples of Replicated Reality

Have you ever wanted to invest in an authentic prop, but couldn’t afford it in mass quantities? You’re sure it would highlight merchandise in a fresh, fun way, with a wow-factor, but there is no way you’ll convince your boss to spend hundreds of thousands on the real product, only to have it tossed when your promotion ends. Your brilliant idea is scrapped. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a partner that could create virtually anything and construct it to simulate the real thing – and at a price agreeable to your boss?

Here are five examples where we gave a hopeful client a lifelike version of a real object. Replicating reality gives you the opportunity to wow your customers and make them feel at home and inspired in your stores, without overspending your marketing budget.

  1. Instead of purchasing real wooden sleds, this company gave Imagine! the reins to create lifelike sleds for their holiday campaign, and they were produced at a fraction of the cost using folded carton stock, corrugated with litho label. These sled look-alikes made the space festive, creating a subconsciously jolly moment for passersby.Sleds
  2. Framing is a tricky business. It takes expertise, specific materials, expensive shipping costs and most of all, time. You could hire a professional framer to frame an image, multiply that by 1,000+ and hand over your entire wallet. Or go with ImageFrame from Imagine! Print Solutions. It is a cost-effective alternative for your framing needs, printed on 24pt C2S, both sides. When you want to class up a print but can’t afford to do it across all of your locations – ImageFrame is the solution.imageframe
  3. Are those real suitcases? Surprisingly, no. They’re constructed using durable corrugate for strength with litho label and are built to look like sturdy trunks to hold this retailer’s fashionable goods. This company saved thousands by choosing the replicated version of their vision.Chicostrunks
  4. Who wouldn’t want an old-fashioned lamp post in the middle of their pet store? It’s not something you usually see, because not many print suppliers offer it. The ones who do, offer something besides the tangible display. The realistic lamp post brings a familiar feel into stores, while also marketing a festive holiday product – no wrought iron lamp post needed.Lightpole
  5. We can’t think of many instances when you can have a real truck in your stores. How about the next best thing? This mock truck bed, printed digitally and shipped partially assembled, held food and beverage products for a national grocer. The display went above and beyond to replicate the fun of tailgating at a football game, and inspired guests to create their own memorable experiences when they bought this product.truck bed

We hope these five examples inspire you to think big, and be limitless. The next time you want a realistic version of a game changer next to your merchandise, talk to Imagine! We replicate reality every day and we knock it out of the park.