Virtual Environments Drive Smarter Campaigns

Imagine!‘s design rendering services have long offered marketers the invaluable ability to visualize and plan projects and print campaigns before committing to production. These services are continuing to advance intelligent campaign planning and increase speed to market, with working prototypes delivered in hours instead of weeks. With the advent of more sophisticated virtual technology, we are providing greater degrees of realistic visualizations that more accurately capture how signage, fixtures, aisles, and even entire store environments are experienced in the real world. 


When creating a virtual project visualization, there are two general approaches. An augmented reality (AR) path involves taking stills and video of actual in-store locations and overlaying graphic signage, display, or fixture options atop the images of the existing environment (such as the store in this example). A full virtual reality (VR) approach references existing store locations, spaces, and defining elements to create entirely virtual, animated displays and environments in which design possibilities can be featured (as in this example).

Our designers perform in-depth research for each design, including store location visits that allow the designer to experience walking the floor, take necessary measurements and photos, and perform interviews of store associates and managers to obtain their field perspectives. These insights are then applied to the project to achieve custom design solutions that are functional, impactful, and relevant to the client’s unique needs. 


As impressive as virtual designs can be, there are some considerations to take into account. The more complex a project is, the more time it will take to research, capture, and produce an effective virtual visualization. It is crucial for the designer to have a full understanding of project requirements, overall timeline, end goals, and most important featured elements at the outset in order to gauge the best approach. 

An entire virtual convenience store was created to help visualize a number of different promotional signage elements.

Do you want to feature a certain sign or fixture? Is there a large dimensional display with multiple angles? Are you concerned about hardware and how a piece will assemble together? With this knowledge in hand, the designer can tailor animations to showcase specific elements and incorporate 360 degree views.

Another consideration is image quality. There will always be some loss of image quality when going from flat image, to video animation, to full VR environment due to the timing and complexity involved with each subsequent layer. If you want a high-level view where the experience and overall sense of a campaign is more important than the details, then full VR animation may be for you. If the quality of the graphics is important for you to see and make final decisions, then an AR video with flat, high-quality overlay images may be a better choice. 


Moving forward, Imagine! is continually working to invest in leading-edge technology that will enable us to provide even more expansive tools and service options. Utilizing the latest VR headset technology, we are developing a system that will allow us to create custom, interactive 3-D spaces. By putting on a VR headset, clients will be fully immersed in a virtual store environment where they can “walk around” and experience the full effect of each facet of their campaigns. This technology will facilitate real-time idea sharing, design feedback, and troubleshooting of potential challenges, allowing clients to make the key decisions and changes relevant to their goals and desired outcomes. 

Until then, Imagine! will continue striving to provide best-in-class design services, inspiring our clients with innovative, insightful ideas and empowering them with solutions for every challenge. 

Contact us today to learn more about our virtual design capabilities and visualize the possibilities of your next project!