Tight Budget? Think Versatile Signage

Staying on budget while creating engaging and visually impactful P.O.P. campaigns is an ongoing challenge for retailers. Finding a cost-effective approach becomes especially critical during the busy holiday season, when promotional signage turnover is most frequent.

Planning your marketing programs with a focus on versatility can help keep your print budget on track, enabling greater flexibility at the store level and allowing for optimal campaign efficiency without sacrificing aesthetic or impact.

Imagine! ImageWrap is a dimensional signage solution comprised of a reusable corrugate base with an interchangeable wraparound graphic. Designs can stand freely, lean on a shelf, hang on a wall, or suspend from a ceiling, allowing for endless in-store applications.

This modular display provides 360 degrees of messaging and can be stacked in multiple configurations.

One effective approach to versatile signage is to leverage generic or non-print base components with interchangeable graphics. Sturdy base units can be produced once and then reused long-term, while eye-catching graphics are printed on sleeves or panels and overlaid atop the base. These graphics can then be quickly swapped out for new events and promotions.

Designing displays with multiple functions and application options is another great versatility tactic. Modular units provide multiple messaging angles and can be assembled in different configurations based on need and available space. Semi-permanent displays can be outfitted with signage channel systems for easy graphic updates. Filters and lug-ons can be applied to existing graphics to completely change their vibe and visual impact. Utilizing elements that can be reconfigured, restaged, and reimagined at whim keeps in-store environments fresh and visually interesting while reducing production frequency.

From reversible graphics to creative, flexible displays, Imagine! Print Solutions can recommend a variety of versatile signage applications and even engineer custom solutions to meet your unique aesthetic, messaging, and budgetary needs. 

Benefits of versatile signage solutions:
  • Reusable and repositionable
  • Hassle-free assembly and installation
  • Quick and easy on-demand reprints and graphic change outs
  • Budget-friendly: reduce manufacturing costs, shipping, and waste
  • Flexible, multi-functional applications and configurations
  • Custom-engineered to meet specific needs
  • Sustainable and eco-conscious

Make the most of your print budget! Imagine! Print Solutions can help you find flexible, cost-saving approaches to your print signage while staying true to your brand and vision. Contact our team today to learn more about versatile signage solutions!