Challenge Accepted: Trees to the Maxx

Holiday danglers for the highly competitive holiday season

Each year, marketing departments start planning for the holiday season earlier and earlier. When you get a head start on a holiday marketing campaign, you have more time to create exactly what you envision.

Every retailer hopes to come up with something new and different each holiday season. It’s the biggest time of year, and it pays to stand out from the rest. According to Retail Insight Center, Holiday Marketing budgets surpass other seasonal budgets by over $500 billion each year. Dollars still need to be allocated wisely.

For your next seasonal campaign, make sure to consider:

  • Dimension
  • Placement
  • Goals & objectives
  • In-store labor
  • Length of life
  • Traffic patterns
  • Real or mock?
  • Shipping
  • Reorder plan
  • Store quantities

Last year, TJX Companies required a unique, overhead piece that could ship flat and be easy to assemble by its T.J. Maxx employees in the field. Since this is right up our alley, we at Imagine! got straight to work on an eye-catching and cost-efficient deliverable of which even Santa would have been proud.

Imagine! Print Solutions’ structural design team came up with an innovative, easy-to-ship piece that embodied the whimsical uniqueness of T.J. Maxx. These 3D ceiling danglers in multiple sizes and designs were created for easy assembly at the store level. The double-sided patterned pieces allowed for the insertion of a painted wooden dowel to make the dangler resemble a holiday tree. Imagine! designed and printed 12,000 of the trees for 1,100 T.J. Maxx stores across the country.

The Specs:
The graphics were printed two-sided on 18 pt. SBS with an aqueous coating on one side. A custom painted wooden dowel provided support for the printed graphic. Clear washers hold the graphics into place with the dowel.

Don’t settle for the standard – come to Imagine! where we dream big and follow through. Our inventive designers never run out of ideas for your holiday campaigns. Trust that we’ll make you stand out – after all, that’s our number one goal!