Transform Your Space

Silicone Edge Graphics & Frames

Silicone edge graphics are being used to transform store environments. With custom frames and fabric you can create stores within stores, bring new life to cash wraps, attract attention to product and much more.

Frames can be custom made to fit any size space, large or small, and are reusable. They can also augment existing frames and fixtures to create an updated look and feel. Fabric is easy to install and savings from shipping fabric allows marketers to do more campaigns with the same budget. Even better, graphics can be two-sided and fold up into a small bag for shipping and storing convenience. Discover how Imagine! can help you produce more campaigns for less.

Use Graphics and Frames to:
• Upgrade the store environment experience
• Create walls or separate products to create a store within a store
• Showcase powerful images that evoke emotion
• Attract attention to product
• Make switching signage easy for campaigns
• Design a breathtaking window