Time for a Pallet Makeover with Imagine! Base Wrap

Attract attention to fast-moving product with the most flexible and versatile base wrap in the industry.

We’ve all seen the frumpy and forlorn pallet wrap in the retail space today, and we know how long it takes to get to market when you’re constrained to industry-set standards.

So we’ve taken pallet wrap out of the dark ages, applied some technology to it, and made it easier for you to customize. Now you can have it your way, when you want it, and how you want it. It’s time to give your pallets a makeover!

With Imagine! Base Wrap, you can print two-sided for multiple uses saving you time in set-up/tear-down and store labor as well as production and distribution costs. Plus, Imagine! Base Wrap is less expensive than traditional base wrap and has a higher-quality look that can be used for more prominent in-store décor applications. 


Because it can be printed digitally, you can order a single wrap for store specific promotions or small quantities for regional marketing. Imagine! Base Wrap is durable too, meaning you can use it indoors or outdoors for longer periods of time.

Contact us today to discuss your décor needs and all the ways Imagine! Base Wrap can be used in your campaigns.


  • Short lead time
  • No minimum order
  • Higher print quality
  • Variable heights available
  • Full color, 2-sided printing plus spot colors and inline embellishments
  • Wide range of substrates
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Smaller rolls that can fit into kits
  • Fast quotes
  • Custom winding available


  • Pallet Displays
  • End Caps
  • Table Skirting
  • Decorative Columns
  • Display Backdrops
Kroger Base Wrap

A large grocery retailer recently used our innovative base wrap alternative for their summer promotions!