The “Point” of Your Point-of-Purchase Display

The “point” of point-of-purchase displays is to drive a purchase. Focus on getting the shopper to pick up your product and take it to the checkout.

You’ve commanded the shopper’s attention with your creative and inspiring marketing, what next? Close the sale. Many purchases are unplanned. Take the opportunity to educate and encourage a transaction. Do so with a promotion, a buy-one-get-one offer, a free sample, or a charitable incentive.

7-Eleven-Cup With A Cause

This display explains how your purchase goes toward a good cause.  

What not to do: Tell them to go online. Driving a shopper online to learn more about your product won’t fulfill the “point” of your P.O.P. display. Unless it results in a subsequent purchase. For example, if you direct the shopper online to download a mobile coupon while he or she is standing near your display, and they use the coupon at the register afterward, you’ve fulfilled your P.O.P. goal.

Activation Display

This display obviously captures attention, but it also clearly states an incentive: “Switch carriers and we’ll pay your cancellation fee.”

The point is a purchase. Make sure you design your in-store displays with an end goal in mind – which is to drive a purchase in a single shopping trip.