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Challenge Accepted: Trees to the Maxx

Each year, marketing departments start planning for the holiday season earlier and earlier. When you get a head start on a holiday marketing campaign, you have more time to create exactly what you envision.

Virtual Store Audit

Our CAD team created a virtual store audit video for a national pet supply retailer. It provides inspiration for how to improve their in-store experience, and points out opportunities for signage, functional displays and promotional messaging. Our goal is for clients to see their stores in a new way, and come away with ideas they may not have envisioned without a store audit video.

Virtual Product Rendering

A virtual product rendering takes an idea from a client and brings it to life according to their vision. We give the client the chance to see how their ideas would look in their stores without having to create physical mockups.  

Get Creative

We’ve found that many of our clients can benefit from a little extra creative support for their campaigns. We have a team of engineers, designers, and production artists who continually create eye-catching displays, engaging marketing materials, and signs with stopping-power; driving consumers to purchase. The sole focus of the team, consisting of Production Art, Creative Design and Structural Engineering, is to design effective in-store marketing pieces.

Challenge Accepted: Motorized Endcap Display

Imagine! Print Solutions was called upon by Saatchi & Saatchi X to produce a creative endcap display that effectively promoted the company’s new product lines: Tide Stain Release Duo Pac and Bounce Dryer Bar. The endcap display would consist of a washer and dryer display as the centerpiece and include supplementary shelf liners and endcap side panels.

Case Study: Product Display Testing

Imagine! Print Solutions helped Johnson & Johnson create a Listerine “Store-within-a-Store” product display for Walgreens stores. The company’s goal was to distinguish its Listerine brand from competing products at-shelf.

Challenge Accepted: Holiday Floor Stands

Imagine! Print Solutions partnered with Cricket Communications to develop a series of floor stands promoting its products during the holiday season.

Case Study: Single-Source Provider

The 7-Eleven October monthly kit was to be the first Imagine! produced for them. However, when its incumbent printer immediately ceased its print services, 7-Eleven looked to Imagine! to print and fulfill its September kit, which was due to ship direct to the 8,000+ stores in less than one month.

Case Study: One-Sided Backlit Signage

International Dairy Queen (IDQ) needed a new, cost-effective approach to the production of its restaurant backlit menu board transparencies. In-store and drive-thru illuminated signage had become costly to produce and manage.

Case Study: Production Streamlining

A quick-serve restaurant needed a single, print production resource for its in-store visual and marketing programs.