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Wallpaper for Your Aisles

We are known for our pegboard paper. Not just the quality, but the sheer quantity that we produce each year for major retailers.

Reimagine Retail Activation

The retail marketplace continues to be a very competitive landscape. Mobile, online and subscription-based shopping is uniquely influencing today’s consumer. However, with more than 75% of purchases being made in stores, the in-store experience dominates consumer behavior.

In-Store Signage Goes Soft

Digital textile printing (also known as dye-sublimation) is gaining momentum as a retail point-of-purchase solution. Dye sublimation uses an ink-jet based method of printing colorants onto fabric, and is the preferred imaging method for soft signage and exhibition graphics because of its rich color saturation and efficiencies in shipping, handling and installation.

Make the Cut

Let your brand stand out with affordable, design-friendly and easy to use custom vinyl graphics & lettering from Imagine!. Vinyl can be applied to almost any smooth surface, allowing you to reach your audience in more places.

Case Study: Rebranding Program

US Foods approached Imagine! Print Solutions to help establish a retail storefront identity program for its Metro Deli brand.

Challenge Accepted: Ceiling Dangler

Imagine! Print Solutions partnered with Dairy Queen to produce a creative in-store display promoting the company’s various gift cards during the holiday season.

Case Study: Magnetic Graphics

A large telecommunications company sought Imagine! Print Solutions help to find a way to create large format P.O.P. signage for their stores without having to pay the expensive freight costs associated with shipping large, flat signage.

Case Study: One-Sided Backlit Signage

International Dairy Queen (IDQ) needed a new, cost-effective approach to the production of its restaurant backlit menu board transparencies. In-store and drive-thru illuminated signage had become costly to produce and manage.

Challenge Accepted: Register Toppers

Imagine! Print Solutions partnered with Dairy Queen to produce a unique in-store register topper promoting the company’s new Mini Blizzard product line.

Challenge Accepted: Glitter Signage

Imagine! Print Solutions was called upon by Regis Corporation to produce various POP display units for its Supercuts locations.