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Optimize Promotions At Eye Level

Optimize promotional visibility, shopper interaction, and overall product sales by placing your merchandise and messaging at eye level.

Elevate Your Impulse Strategy

A well-designed visual communications strategy can help retailers make the most of impulsive shopper behavior. Consider these tactics to elevate your POP strategy and spur more impulse purchases!

Fusion Merchandising System

Meet the most innovative approach to retail perimeter and focal wall displays. Our patent pending Fusion Merchandising System blends store fixtures and fabric graphics using tension fabric technology.

The “Point” of Your Point-of-Purchase Display

The “point” of point-of-purchase displays is to drive a “purchase.” Focus on getting the shopper to pick up your product and take it to the checkout.

Turning Shoppers Into Buyers

Your primary goal as a marketing leader is to ensure your message reaches the consumer at the most optimal time of influence. Companies that adopt path-to-purchase trends have changed the way customers act in-store.

Challenge Accepted: Motorized Endcap Display

Imagine! Print Solutions was called upon by Saatchi & Saatchi X to produce a creative endcap display that effectively promoted the company’s new product lines: Tide Stain Release Duo Pac and Bounce Dryer Bar. The endcap display would consist of a washer and dryer display as the centerpiece and include supplementary shelf liners and endcap side panels.

Challenge Accepted: Tabletop Demo Display

Imagine! Print Solutions was commissioned by Saatchi & Saatchi X to produce an innovative tabletop display to promote P&G’s new Febreze NOTICEables Air Freshener.

Challenge Accepted: Merchandise Floor Display

Imagine! Print Solutions was commissioned by The Meyocks Group to engineer a creative floor display that would stock food and beverage products at a retail location.