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Stand Out with Special Effects

Make your brand and products stand out by incorporating unique special effects and embellishments into your display and packaging designs.

Custom Packaging

Your packaging is a physical representation of your brand and it reflects your story and mission. Create a custom feel for your product and work with our talented designers and packaging engineers.

6 Ways to Incorporate Variable Data into Your Marketing Programs

Variable data printing allows personalization without slowing down the production process. And these days, personalization and fast production time are two of the most elusive things a marketer looks for in a campaign.

Break Through the Clutter with One-to-One Marketing

Shoppers today face an overload of visual clutter in the marketplace, whether it's digital or in-person. A chaotic amount of messaging clogs up the aisles in such a way that shoppers barely notice brands' attention-seeking efforts.

Think Outside the Kit

Discover how you can use blogger kits to build brand and product loyalty and gain additional exposure.


Your labels and packaging should reflect the excellence of your products, without the hassle of long-lead times and expensive materials. Make sure your message sticks.

Challenge Accepted: Flooring Sample Kits

Imagine! Print Solutions and Stonhard teamed up to design a product sample kit for Stonhard’s field representatives.

Nutrition Labels Gone Stale

Over the past few years, the Food and Drug Administration has been discussing a major overhaul to nutrition labels that better reflect the information consumers need and want to know. They will also aim to provide the information in language that everyday people use and understand, instead of food scientists or dietitians.

Case Study: Packaging Raised UV Varnish

We love new challenges at Imagine! Print Solutions, so when fragrance retailer Thymes approached us to try Raised UV Coating on their candle packaging, we were thrilled to add it to our repertoire.

Challenge Accepted: Employee Launch Kit

Imagine! Print Solutions partnered with GameStop to produce a unique employee product launch kit. The kit would highlight the launch of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, a new video game sold at GameStop retail locations.