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Optimize Store Navigation with Wayfinders

Wayfinders are an essential component of store decor, providing a streamlined path to merchandise, cohesive brand look, and efficient shopping experience.

Optimize Promotions At Eye Level

Optimize promotional visibility, shopper interaction, and overall product sales by placing your merchandise and messaging at eye level.

Color, Light, and Metamerism in Print

Learn how metamerism could be affecting the color accuracy and consistency of your print campaigns.

Build Impressions Through Branded Merchandise

Branded merchandise can increase meaningful brand awareness, foster strong, positive relationships between consumer and brand, and even directly influence sales. Consider these key tips when planning your next promotional branding initiative.

Challenge Accepted: Brand Elevation

A national wine retailer needed an original concept and dynamic P.O.P. display to promote vodka made in the United States. Imagine! delivered a festive, patriotic solution to meet all their needs.

Enhance Product Placement

In the competitive retail market, it is crucial for stores to maintain a shopping environment that will attract customers and maximize sales.

Building a Strong & Purposeful Brand Through Loyalty Marketing

Your brand is more than your name, logo, and product. It's not just brand recognition that builds a strong brand, it's the intentional, purpose-driven and customer-focused actions that well-known, respected companies value.

Challenge Accepted: Complete Retail Refresh

No matter how unconventional the request, our talented team will find a way to get the job done. Read on to learn how we helped The Body Shop achieve a dramatic store refresh to revamp their entire brand!

Imagine!’s Seeing Green

See some of the fun GREEN projects we've worked on recently.

5 Campaigns Brought to Life Using Color

Get inspired by these five creative campaigns that use color to stand out.