Simplicity Sells in Retail POP

Modern shopping experiences can be chaotic and disorienting for consumers, with constantly shifting demands for their attention and focus. Overwhelming consumers in this way can frustrate them and discourage purchases. Why not make things simpler? Simplifying POP design and refining brand messaging can offer distinct advantages for retailers, allowing them to distinguish themselves above the rabble of competitors, enjoy greater production cost-savings, and provide a more enjoyable shopping experience for consumers. 

Less clutter, more impact

Clear messaging and concept lead to instant impact.

With only a few seconds to capture consumers’ attention, it is imperative to make a positive impression quickly. Utilizing the Four C’s methodology offers a simple approach to enable effective POP and signage. Overcomplicated displays can overwhelm their own product, defeating their purpose at retail. With streamlined design, accessible merchandising, and straightforward, compelling messaging, retailers can break through the clutter to create meaningful impact between consumer and product and ultimately encourage sales.

Budget-friendly designs

One of the greatest benefits of simplified POP is that it is often much less expensive to produce, without sacrificing style or sophistication. Displays with minimalist, bold elements create intrigue and impact, drawing attention to products and elevating brands by allowing them to stand alone. With a little imagination and creativity, displays that are constructed with alternative, cost-effective materials can look edgy and appealing.

Imagine! engineered this simple yet stylish counter display. Each cost just $7 to produce.

Simplicity sells

In an over-stimulated marketplace, consumers crave easy, hassle-free shopping experiences. The 2017 Global Brand Simplicity Index found that 64% of consumers are willing to pay more for a simpler shopping experience, and 61% are more likely to recommend a brand to friends and family because it provides simpler communications and experiences. This indicates a direct correlation between simplicity and brand loyalty–the primary driver of recurring sales. By keeping it simple and sticking to the basics with their POP approach–bold graphics, relevant messaging, easy-to-navigate merchandising, and strong emphasis on product–retailers can achieve memorable impact and lasting consumer influence that will lead to recurring sales.