Silver Foil, Reimagined

During the Holiday season, demand for red foil stock increases at a feverish rate. Lead times can increase, presenting marketers with difficult substrate decisions.

Leaning on the unrivaled expertise of our production and ink lab teams, we created a suitable alternative to red foil. We can produce realistic colored foils using more readily available silver foil substrates as a base—a challenging printing technique to pull off.

We recently engineered a metallic red gift card holder for a client using this innovative printing method. By formulating custom red inks we were able to match the client’s brand standards exactly, and on the inside, we simulated the Kraft stock used in the client’s other marketing materials. We can’t give away how we did it, but the results speak for themselves!


Don’t let the demands of the Holiday season get in the way of production planning. Let’s talk about your unique substrate challenges!