Shorten Timelines by Consolidating Suppliers

You’re always looking for ways to cut time out of your process, to get your campaigns to market faster and faster. You need a plan in place to respond as fast as possible if, or when, the time comes.

When you take a hard look at your timelines and slash days here, cut hours there, be strategic about it, and be open-minded. Here are five tips to consider when you’re trying to manage deadlines and milestones effectively:

Our number one recommendation is to consolidate suppliers. Why go to multiple suppliers when you can go to one all-encompassing expert? You’ll have one point of contact for all your needs, and all of your marketing will be color-matched to a T. When your stores need more of something, they only have to go back to their one contact to print on the same press the original job was printed on. Merging suppliers substantially cuts down execution time.


Here are four tips to consider when you want to consolidate suppliers and want to manage deadlines and milestones effectively:

1. Know Your Replenishment Goals – Do you have a plan for responsive replenishment? Cut five to seven days out of your replenishment process by consolidating it into one source. Streamlining your workflow in this way will save you so much time, and you will see the effects in other areas of the supply chain. Goodwill between the corporate team and the field will improve because orders will be processed faster and delivered sooner.

2. Remote Press Checks – Instead of traveling for press checks, view your prints via virtual remote-viewing camera. Your provider can help keep projects moving by wielding a brand color guide they can use to ensure brand consistency. If you consolidate, you’ll only have one press check to attend. And not to worry, if you can’t attend in person, you should feel confident in your printer’s color control methods.

Imagine!'s virtual camera station

Imagine!’s virtual camera station

3. Leverage Structural Design – Leverage your supplier’s structural design team for your research and development efforts, and then sit back with all that time you save by producing all campaign elements at one supplier, even including structural fixtures to hold all your beautiful signs.

4. Sub-in Creative Alternates – You could benefit from a little extra creative support for your campaigns. Does your current print provider have a team of graphic designers, and production artists who continually create eye-catching displays and signs with stopping-power; driving consumers to purchase? If you don’t need a relationship with an expensive creative agency, and don’t want to waste any more time waiting for them to catch up with your timelines, consolidate!

If you need help auditing your campaign process, contact Imagine! and we’ll help you apply these tips to your marketing schedule.