Retail Trend: Window Moments

For decades, a popular way to garner attention has been through the looking glass. Now, store front windows are becoming a renewed hot spot to bring marketing campaigns to life.

Taking the time to dress up your windows is an effective way to take your campaign to a classier level. They have a purpose other than displaying merchandise; your windows should also be thought of as a storytelling destination.

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You can turn window shoppers into buyers by investing in intriguing window scenes. Do so with one large-format, vinyl cling, or go all out with replicated props, hanging fixtures and an eye-catching focal piece that pulls shoppers in. Now is the time to focus on your window displays and use them to tell a story. A really good window “moment” will make all the difference between shoppers rushing past your store versus going inside to browse.

Speaking of moments, check out design:retail magazine’s 2015 “Winning Windows.” We’ll bet you’ll be thinking, “wait, those are store windows?”


The “third window,” a term coined by Ken Nisch, chairman of retail design and brand strategy firm JGA Incorporated, refers to the strategy of getting shoppers’ attention from the side, when they are walking straight ahead. It’s the space perpendicular to your front windows that shoppers are able to see from a good distance away from your store front. Utilizing the “third window” along with your front window display setup will give you the most optimal return on investment.

Let Imagine! help activate your third window strategy, we’ve got the ideas to help you get started.