Resolve to Refresh in 2018

As the new year approaches, thoughts of renewal, goal-setting, and achieving meaningful change are at the forefront. This transformation mindset is not only applicable to personal resolutions, but to brands. What will your brand look like in 2018 and beyond? How will you keep your stores, merchandise, and messaging fresh, relevant, and exciting for your customers?

A dynamic store refresh program can help you reinvent and reinvigorate your selling spaces. Consider these key tips when planning your store refresh strategy. 


In the initial stages of refresh planning, it can be difficult to visualize the end transformation and the key decisions needed to get there. Virtual store environment services accurately capture how signage, fixtures, aisles, and in-store spaces are experienced in the real world, allowing brand marketers to project potential ideas and refine strategy before making any physical changes. 

Vibrant graphics, clean lines, localized messaging, and unique product staging created a high-end look and enticing shopping environment in this store refresh.


Consumers seek attractive, bright, and uncluttered shopping environments that are well-stocked, convenient, and easy to navigate. Your refresh plan should reflect these ideals while taking advantage of the opportunity to make informed updates to messaging, product offerings, and visual marketing elements. Demonstrating responsiveness and willingness to adapt and keeping your mix fresh and relevant are key to  fostering lasting brand loyalty. 


Use your refresh program to create visual engagement elements beyond typical posters and fixture signage. Think creatively and work with the unique features of each individual store location to incorporate vibrant floor, ceiling, wall, aisle, and window displays that encourage interaction. Aim to grab attention, inspire, and connect with shoppers. 


Once your refresh program is executed, the imperative becomes getting customers back into the store. In addition to social media advertising, consider hosting a special re-opening event to debut revamped space and drive in-store traffic. 

In a continuously evolving marketplace, staying resilient and adaptable to meet the challenges of the future is critical. We’re here to help set your brand up for success. Contact us today to start planning your refresh initiative!