Challenge Accepted: Replicated Reality Glorifier

With summer on the horizon and an ample seasonal inventory on their hands, a national wine retailer sought to boost customer interest in rosé wines. They turned to Imagine! for an attention-grabbing, brand-agnostic POP display that would help them promote and push an entire category of wine products.

Our team immediately set to work brainstorming creative ideas to evoke the sweet, playful spirit of rosé wines. The final original concept consisted of an oversized replicated reality rose, designed with layers of delicate paperboard petals for a sophisticated origami effect. A motion-activated motor was incorporated into the base of each display to add an eye-catching rotational effect when triggered by passing shoppers.

The project soon grew from a single display to include 2D signage and additional feature elements, allowing individual store locations to create custom promotional areas based on their needs. Following rigorous testing to ensure durability and ease of assembly, we produced and delivered 263 product glorifier displays to stores across the U.S.

It took little time for this charming display to make a dramatic impact in stores. The rosé promotion was set and launched on a Tuesday; by that Friday, sales of rosé wines had skyrocketed. What was initially planned as a 60-day promotion has since been extended to 90 days, and by the end of the event the client expects to see a significant lift in overall sales of rosé wines.  

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