Reengineer and Reap the Benefits

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.” -Anthony Robbins  

Last month we talked about tips to enhance your marketing ROI. One of the five considerations was to work with your print supplier to reengineer your marketing programs to improve in multiple areas, including: in-store execution, shipping, fulfillment, and simply just eliminating headaches and saving time on the planning side.

Reengineering means to “start over and reinvent the way a business process gets its work done.” Its purpose is for you to step back, take a hard, unapologetic look at your processes and make it as efficient as possible.

Methods for re-engineering are as simple as 1-2-3:

1. Use Substrates Effectively – How can you reengineer the way you use your substrates to better suit your budget and timeline? When International Dairy Queen needed to get creative and update their backlit signage, Imagine! developed a one-sided backlit printing process that provided immense cost savings. When making changes to substrates, make sure you consider length of life, placement in store, customer interaction, etc.


Dairy Queen’s menus are now printed one-sided after we reengineered their process

2. Construction: 2D to 3D – If you’re going for dimensional (which you should) don’t waste time and money shipping a dimensional sign already put together. Ship flat and save money. To do this, reengineer your displays and signage to ship flat and pop right open for assembly. Imagine! engineered these Holiday stars to ship flat and make a 3D statement once hanging in store.

Dimensional Tree

This Holiday tree was strategically scored in the right places so it could ship flat and open dimensionally in store.

3. Make Assembly Easier – Save your store teams’ time by engineering specifically for the end environment. Everything looks great on a computer screen, but will it be easy to execute and display? Could you create a header that doesn’t need hardware? What if the hardware mechanism was built into the product without separate hardware.

You should continually reinvent yourself and your processes. Your methods may have worked well five years ago, but does it fit in to the retail landscape today? The endcap promotions you’ve done every two weeks for 20 years could be reimagined. Can you create a structure that is engineered to last, and then just switch out the promotions bi-weekly?

Let us take a look at your existing programs and we will find opportunities for reengineering that with save money and time. You’ll find that a keen eye outside of your organization may be able to see things in a way you may never thought of before.