React Faster with Localized Marketing

Over the summer we gave you five tips to localize your marketing strategy. These tips are proven relevant when we see the trend of local promotions sweeping the country. It’s important to get up close and personal with the communities where you have a presence. But how are brands localizing today?

Many brands have seen the effectiveness of localization and let their franchisees take the wheel. Popular pretzel conglomerate Auntie Anne’s empowers its franchisees to sell differently. Each of the 1,000+ owners are personally responsible for curating their own product mix depending on their geographical location. They’ve got to know their customers, and know what the community wants.

Keep up with the pretzel makers and make it easy for your individual locations to tailor messaging and offerings to the people they are serving on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Personalization is key and it will foster brand advocates.

You can also localize with data. For example, print coupons with specific locations or promotions on them based on geographical location. Control where the coupon can be used and show that you are aware of the consumer’s locality.

It’s no longer a one-size-fits-all strategy. You have to customize to your geographic area. Take heed and start talking localization. Partner with a print and marketing solutions provider who can adapt to your needs and accommodate your localization efforts. If you need variable data printing, or a web-based menu-builder system, your print supplier should offer this to you.