Quick-Serve Narrowing Menus

Do we really need eight different kinds of cheeseburgers?

Imagine you’re grabbing a quick lunch with your coworkers, and you’re about to order. In front of you there seems to be endless choices, when all you’re looking for is a simple burger, and maybe fries and a cold beverage. Quick-serve restaurants have a historically unnecessary amount of food offerings, when all they really need is the basics that can be altered to your liking.

According to Datassential, a Chicago research firm, in 2005, the average quick-service menu had 80 products. By 2008, the average menu maxed out at 94 items. Since then, menu size has decreased every year, down to an average of 85.6 menu items in 2014.

Do we really need to choose from 10 different types of burgers that have just one different ingredient? Put a burger on the menu and make it customizable. It makes it easier and faster for both the consumer and the kitchen staff.

McDonalds cut 8 items from its “bloated” menu in January. It increases service speed and has made sense, since 4 out of every 5 items ordered at McDonalds are from a small portion of its menu. Soon enough, they might have their classically popular breakfast items on their daytime menu – but only enough to please the people who want breakfast options all day.

Quick-serve hotspots like Shake Shack and Chipotle thrive, and not because they have eight different types of French fries or rice. These popular brands focus on a few specialties and doing them right, in turn, making customers happy. For example, Chipotle starts with a base of a few meat (or vegetarian) options, then you choose your serve style and add-on ingredients. And don’t forget, guacamole costs extra.

It’s clear to see the industry is changing, and for the better. Imagine! Print Solutions has years’ of experience designing and printing menus for popular quick-serve restaurants. We handle mag-receptive material for menu boards, which makes for embarrassingly easy installation. Add in our technology tools such as custom menu builder and print-on-demand fulfillment and a full design department to assist in localizing menus. If you foresee menu changes or need menu updates at a moment’s notice, talk to us. Ask us how to further declutter your menu. We have the capabilities to work with you at any speed you need, and we adapt to the constant changes that are demanded by today’s fast-paced restaurants.