Pop Up Displays from Imagine!

Brand marketers and retailers believe you only have three seconds to grab a consumer’s attention at the point of purchase. Yet, some face the challenge of boxing up that attention grabber into a cost-effective kit. Pop up displays are versatile, lightweight, foldable products that can be shipped flat resulting in a more manageable kit size.
Pop up displays are highly customizable and available in many shapes, sizes and configurations. These high-impact displays can be equipped with lug-ons, brochure pockets, shelving units or die-cut messaging satisfying all your retail signage needs. With a full print area on each side, these attention-grabbing visual tools can be used for promoting campaigns, highlighting brands or storing merchandise.
As a foldable display system, Pop ups fold flat into a small-sized carton shipping at a fraction of the cost of traditional displays. When deployed, these portable 3D displays can be installed in seconds with little to no assembly required. Effortless assembly reduces the overall time and cost for installation and dismantle of the display. 
Pop up displays from Imagine! are more cost-effective than other systems in the marketplace today. Our solution provides instant dimension that will get your message to market quickly.
Pop Up Benefits:
  • Highly Customizable
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Quick & Easy to Assemble
  • Portable to Transport
  • Cost Effective to Ship


Pro Tip: Rethink Your Signage Hardware

How you display your signage at the store level impacts the way your campaign kit is engineered. For instance, you may want to pre-assemble hardware and signage components in order to make it easier on your store personnel to install. Gravity brackets are a great hardware tool to attach to your sign. Constructed out of board stock they are collapsible and ship flat, yet expand to allow for dimension between sign and fixture.

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