Plan Ahead: Seasonal Kit Efficiencies

Summer is beginning to wind down, which means planning for the back end of the year and the busy holiday season is well underway! As you nail down your marketing strategy for the next several months, have you taken freight into account? Late last year, FedEx and UPS announced a series of rate changes* taking effect in 2018. There are some critical changes that retailers should be aware of–especially when planning for the larger volume and quantities associated with seasonal signage kits.

Both carriers have announced broad increases in shipping rates averaging +4.9%, with even higher rates for very large parcels and steep increases in girth oversize surcharges ($90 per package as of July 8). UPS has also decreased their dimensional weight divisor for packages measuring less than 1 cubic foot from 166 to 139, resulting in a significant cost hike for those packages. 

Standard rates shown–verify with your logistics coordinator, as your rates may vary.


Don’t let these new freight standards blow your seasonal marketing budget! Plan ahead with a few key tips to optimize your seasonal kits:

  • Re-examine your kit packing strategy. Do your kit boxes have too much empty space, requiring excessive padding and unnecessary filler? You could be paying more in freight for a box that is too large for its actual contents. Imagine! can help you determine optimal kit box size and even create custom shippers to neatly and securely house all your campaign elements.
  • Reduce your kit footprint through space-saving signage solutions. Choose display designs that are engineered to ship flat and regain dimension once assembled in-store. Consider incorporating folds or cut scores in large, rigid signage to reduce shipping size. Utilize versatile materials like fabric, mag-receptive, or rollable stocks that can be packed down more efficiently to minimize overall kit size. 
  • Estimate girth to avoid surprise surcharges. You know the the amount and types of signage your stores typically receive. A simple girth calculator can help predict when your kits are approaching oversize, allowing changes to be made before kitting and shipment. Choosing to divide a large shipment into two or more smaller parcels is often less expensive than shipping one oversize package!
*UPS Rate Updates; FedEx Rate Updates

Imagine! can help investigate the most cost-effective scenarios for kitting and shipping your campaigns. Contact us today to get a jump start on your seasonal kit planning!