Optimize Your BOPIS Program

With kids out of school and summer activities gearing up, busy families are looking for convenient and time-saving shopping experiences. Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store (BOPIS) programs–also known as Click & Collect–accommodate consumer priorities for speed and convenience while allowing retailers to drive traffic in-store, streamline the path to purchase, and gain prime upselling opportunity.

While these programs continue to grow and expand as a standard retail offering, there are still challenges to implementing an effective system that meets customer expectations while maximizing store benefits. Consider these best practices to improve the success of BOPIS in your stores. 

  • Create a Designated Pick-Up Area for shoppers to retrieve their online orders. The appeal of BOPIS is significantly diminished if participants must wait in line at a regular register or go through a crowded returns area to complete their purchase.
  • Utilize Clear Wayfinding Signage to ensure online shoppers can quickly and easily navigate to your pick-up area.
  • Allocate Dedicated Store Resources to your designated pick-up area to ensure speedy, convenient transactions. 32% of BOPIS shoppers have dealt with store associates who were unfamiliar with their store’s program and ultimately unable to locate the products they had ordered. This is a failure of expectations and opportunity wasted for impulse sales! 
  • Activate Upselling Opportunities through strategically placed displays and accessible merchandising. A 2017 consumer preferences survey by Bell and Howell found that  49% of BOPIS shoppers are willing to purchase items in addition to their online order. BOPIS shoppers are already in-store and committed to making a purchase–what better opportunity to drive impulse buys and cross-sell relevant products? Stage fun, attention-grabbing POP and plenty of grab and go items around your online pick up area to maximize add-on purchases. 

Need to elevate your in-store pick-up area? Imagine! provides bold POP executions and signage solutions tailored to your unique business needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help boost your BOPIS program!