Organize Your Backroom

It comes as no surprise that many stores have disorganized backrooms, but this reality becomes a serious issue when store associates cannot use signage stored there. When signs are improperly stored, they can be damaged or misplaced, leading to excessive reordering and time wasted searching. With no intervention, backrooms remain chaotic and these issues will continue through future events.

Let Imagine! set your stores on the right path with effective and sustainable storage solutions. With durable material options and custom organization elements, we will develop a comprehensive system catered to fit the specific signage, style, and budget of your business.

Our cost-effective storage units are designed flexible to fit various store footprints, and can be supplied to any number of locations. A neat, ordered storage system provides immediate benefits for your business—not only in cost savings from reduction in reprint and shipping costs for lost or damaged signage, but in setting a standard for organized, efficient, and pleasant workspaces.

Storage Unit Benefits:

  • Reduce sign reprints
  • Ease of sign replacement
  • Decrease shipping costs
  • Minimize sign damage




PRO TIP: Set Stores up for Success with Kit Labeling

Compliance is achieved when stores receive everything when and where they need it, including the proper tools and instructions. Work with your suppliers to ensure kits are clearly marked with a call-to-action, and contain all the necessities to put the display together quickly.