Optimize Store Navigation with Wayfinders

Optimize your in-store environment and enhance the shopping experience for your customers by incorporating wayfinders into your floorplan. Wayfinding elements are an essential component of store decor, helping to streamline the path to purchase and making it simple and easy for customers to navigate the store floor and find the items they need. Additionally, by utilizing a cohesive look with surrounding decor, wayfinders can help affirm a consistent brand appearance, aesthetic, and presence to the customer. 

Because they need to be long-lasting, wayfinder signage designs typically utilize permanent materials to ensure maximum durability. From department directories to product section headers to area dividers, there are a number of creative applications that can be utilized in every area of the store:

  • Hanging Signs are one of the most commonly used wayfinder designs, achieving maximum visibility by bringing messaging above eye level, where it can be seen from every corner of the store. 
  • Floor Graphics present an opportunity to get creative and whimsical without taking up physical selling space, inviting shoppers on a path straight to merchandise. 
  • Pillar Wraps and Signs allow you to work with the existing architecture of your store interior. These signs can be used in conjunction with higher hanging wayfinders to designate sections within a department. 
  • Floor Stands can be used to create physical barriers that designate specific areas (such as checkout lines) while also communicating valuable information to shoppers.

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