Optimize Versatility with Modular Box Towers

Box tower displays are an efficient and versatile means of delivering key information, showcasing products, and promoting shopper engagement. From single tower floorstands to multi-panel walls, endcaps, and pallet spanners, these modular elements can be combined, rearranged, contracted and expanded to create a wide variety of configurations custom-tailored to the available space and display needs of individual locations. A modular box tower design offers several key benefits:

  • Cost-effective 
  • Versatile applications
  • Multiple configurations tailored to location and need
  • Engineered to ship small, incurring minimal freight cost
  • Assembles to full size in-store
  • Uncomplicated design and minimal hardware for quick, straightforward assembly by any associate

Common box tower applications include:

Pallet Glorifiers

Eye-catching box tower glorifiers are designed to draw attention to pallet displays while seamlessly spanning stacked product. These elements provide valuable space for brand messaging and graphics to engage and inform shoppers from all angles.

Floorstand Towers

These standalone units are typically constructed from a few simple sets of modular panels. Incorporating bold messaging, dimension, and attention-grabbing elements such as lights or motorized spinners increase visual interest and encourage shopper interaction.

Multi-Panel Systems

These modular displays utilize small panels stacked into towers and then combined together to create large, cohesive focal displays. Each individual box tower can be separated to stand on its own, and each panel can be printed double-sided for easy graphic changes and maximum versatility.

Merchandise Trays

Box towers can be engineered to incorporate custom merchandise displays, such as sturdy trays, hanging hooks, platforms, and drawers. Strategic placement of these elements at eye and hand level allows for convenient access to products by passing shoppers.

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