Go Metallic With Your Signage

The metallic sheen of foil is an ever-popular embellishment during the holidays, lending shiny sophistication and attention-grabbing power to seasonal signage. However, the popularity of foil can also be its detriment. High demand for foil board means it is often in short supply and must be reserved well in advance. If material is available, it is costly to order in on short notice. And while custom colors beyond standard silver and gold can be achieved with foil board, it requires printing a flood of ink over the material to achieve the intended end look.

For retailers seeking a foil look for their seasonal campaigns, metallic inks are an innovative option to consider. These specialized inks are enriched with metallic pigments, providing the same high-definition, striking effect as foil-stamping or foil board at a relatively low cost. 


  • Achieves a true foil-stamp look
  • More cost-effective than purchasing and printing on foil board
  • Can produce on any material–from SBS board to vinyl letters
  • Easily customized to any color
  • Versatile applications
  • No material size limit when printing screen
  • Readily available option during the busy holiday season

No matter the material, size, or final application, Imagine! Print Solutions is your go-to supplier for foil signage. With our state-of-the-art equipment and technology, large production capacity, and wealth of experience utilizing both foil board and metallic inks, we’re ready to help you execute a striking seasonal campaign that not only optimizes your visual impact, but your budget as well. 

Get the foil look for less! Our team can help you find cost-saving solutions while staying true to your vision. Contact us today to learn more about metallic inks and to discuss your next project!