Optimize Kit Space: Ship 2D, Display 3D

With freight rates on the rise, retailers are increasingly challenged with the need to minimize kit box dimensions while retaining the integrity and impact of their P.O.P displays. Imagine! can engineer your dimensional displays to ship flat, breaking large and unwieldy pieces into smaller, more manageable components that ship securely and efficiently. Once received in-store, 2D display components easily assemble to their full, 3D size. 


  • Reduced kit footprint
  • Cost-effective; allocate more budget to campaign collateral and less to freight!
  • Minimized damage during shipping and handling
  • Decreased signage reprints due to damage (and shipping cost for replacements)
  • Quick and easy assembly by any store associate
  • No loss of dimension or impact 

Put more of your marketing budget toward your P.O.P.! Imagine! Print Solutions can help you design smarter displays and plan kits more effectively to avoid costly freight surcharges. Contact us to put ship flat engineering to work on your next project!