Optimize Promotions At Eye Level

Retailers have long understood the premium value of eye-level shelf space—even devising the common phrase ‘eye level is buy level’ to illustrate the relationship between product placement and transactions. Shoppers are highly influenced by their environment and how prominently products are displayed. Because products at eye level tend to be more visible and convenient to browse, they receive significantly more attention from shoppers than products on higher or lower shelves, translating directly to greater sales.

Brands can take advantage of this phenomenon by strategically placing products and promotional messaging where they are most likely to be noticed by shoppers. There are several display tactics to consider:


  • Custom risers and platforms help to create optical interest and physically elevate products to optimum height for enhanced visibility and shoppability.
  • A pole topper placed atop a pallet display brings messaging and graphics above stacks of product to enable direct sight lines to the display from all directions.


  • For displays already positioned at or near eye-level, incorporating eye-catching elements such as danglers and aisle violator signage help to maximize attention and draw traffic to products on the shelf.


  • Choosing fixtures that will position messaging and merchandise at an ideal height for browsing not only encourages shopper attention and interaction, but makes it easier and more convenient for them to pick up items. 


  • Taking signage and displays from flat to dimensional not only creates striking depth that improves the visibility of promotional messaging, but helps to create a more engaging shopping environment. 


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