Let Your Promotion Glow with Black Light Ink

Promotional giveaways, incentives, sweepstakes, and contests are a proven strategy for retailers looking to drive engagement and in-store traffic. Promotions that utilize mystery incentive or discount coupons are especially effective, providing consumers a fun and exciting reason to enter a store and potentially return at a later date to shop again. While peel-and-reveal pieces and scratch-off cards are commonly used for mystery promotional incentives, black light ink treatment is a unique and cost-effective option to consider. 

Black light ink prints in a clear layer that is invisible to the naked human eye. When the printed piece is placed under ultraviolet light conditions, it absorbs energy and re-emits it as visible light, creating a glowing effect that illuminates the hidden message or image.

This unique treatment can be a cost-effective alternative compared to scratch-off cards, which typically require multiple layers of coating to effectively obscure promotional messaging. Printed pieces do require a UV light source (such as a black light flashlight) for the black light ink to be readable by store associates and customers. 

Benefits of black light ink include:
  • Unique, fun, and interactive
  • Cost-effective technique
  • Variety of applications, from promotional to security pieces 
  • Can print on several different materials
  • Resistant to tampering or reproduction
  • Utilize with variable data for individualized codes or prizes

Imagine! Print Solutions has wide experience in a variety of promotional, specialty, and game piece programs, from dry-release and peel-and-reveal to scratch-off and invisible inks. Contact us today and let us help you design the perfect solution to fit your brand and promotional needs!