Go Beyond Basic with Base Wrap

When up to 82% of purchase decisions are made while shoppers are in-store, how you present your brand and your products can have a significant impact on conversion rate. Attention-grabbing POP displays are a fundamental component to a robust visual communications program. But what about surrounding areas, like fixture shelves, tables, and platforms? These spaces are often underutilized, but can play a vital role in tying together the elements and messaging of a promotional campaign. One of the easiest ways to optimize unused display space is by using base wrap. 

Base wrap has traditionally been used as a simple and cost-effective way to elevate plain floor pallets in grocery and big box retail stores. However, there are several other applications and usages for this versatile product, including table skirts, shelf skirts, endcap wraps, column wraps, backdrops, and more. Base wrap can help extend key promotional messaging and graphics, increasing overall visibility and creating a more cohesive campaign look within displays and across campaign elements. 

Utilizing base wrap offers a number of benefits from a production perspective:

  • Cost-effective and budget-friendly 
  • Easy installation and switch out at the store level
  • Numerous embellishments and special effects possible, including raised UV, cold foil, glitter, etc.
  • Short lead times
  • No special equipment needed to produce
  • Produce double-sided to make the most of your investment by flipping over to new graphics

Imagine! Print Solutions has even helped to take wrap material itself to the next level with our patent-pending Imagine! Base Wrap

Whether hiding an unsightly floor pallet or dressing up a display shelf, base wraps have a variety of applications and advantages that are well worth incorporating into any marketing campaign. 

Looking for unique and budget-friendly ways to enhance your marketing promotions? Imagine Print Solutions has the creative ideas and expert insight to help you find optimal solutions for any project. Contact us today to get started!