Connecting P.O.P. to Shoppers’ Digital Habits

If three quarters of shoppers begin a purchase journey on their smartphones, it’s time for all brands to be part of this process. Consumers are digitally savvy, so there is an opportunity to bring a sense of digital integration to your in-store branded messages.

As we talked about in our article, 5 Things to Do Now to Prepare for Holiday 2016, it’s important for in-store and digital marketing to join together for a common goal: a sale. This strategy isn’t necessarily new, but it’s being used in new and innovative ways. We’re past the point where this is seen as an option for brands. It’s now integral to success. Read more below about the trend and how popular brands are using this strategy to speak to consumers both in-store and online.

Avocados From Mexico

Recently, a great digital experience was strategized by Avocados From Mexico, also known as AFM. The brand created an in-store program to remind grocery shoppers of the versatility of avocados. They used a holiday-themed merchandising display that encouraged engagement. From their smartphones, customers could sign up for a $500 grocery card sweepstakes, download a $1-off coupon to use in-store and even look up recipes. The signage greatly influenced in-store and online engagement.


Fashion retailer Anthropologie creates window displays worth tweeting about. The retail leaders dictate the overall window theme for the time period at hand and leaves the rest up to each store to put their unique spin on it. They then encourage shoppers to share the creative abilities of their local “Anthro,” via the hashtag #AnthroWindows.

In-Store Activation

Imagine! has plenty of experience working with brands to help their in-store engagement plans come to life. Fashion retailer PINK came to us in search of a way to build shopper loyalty and engagement with the popular social media platform Instagram. We assisted in the design of a store giveaway outfitted with a physical Instagram “filter” to photograph themselves and share using the hashtag #thinkpink. Providing experiences like this leaves shoppers feeling inspired and demonstrates how anyone can personally contribute to the campaign.

The point of your P.O.P. signage is to close a sale. Spark a purchase that may not have been there without your irresistible display. And when you combine an in-store moment with a reason to connect digitally, you provide shoppers with relevant, meaningful digital experiences and a lingering feeling of happiness when your brand comes to mind. It’s time to connect and close a sale.