Now Trending: Explosive Color

As with all brands, your marketing depends on who your audience is. If you’ve done quality market research, you’ll know exactly what your consumer wants to see when they use your products or visit your stores. For example, Victoria’s Secret, a bold and exotic brand, knows their shoppers expect and appreciate extravagant, fashionable in-store messaging that mimics the product lines.

Don’t Be Color Blind

A great marketing piece speaks to your audience, whether it’s through digital graphics or print. Do you realize how important color is to consumers? In his article, Why All Sale Signs Are Red: The Science of Color in Retail, Retail Content Strategist Humayun Khan explains why color matters, the influence it has on consumers and how they react and relate to specific colors in the retail environment. You may think twice about your visual messaging after knowing consumers “make sub-conscious judgements about your retail environment and product within 90 seconds of the initial viewing.”

Today we’re specifically looking at how you can take color even further by intensifying it – which elevates the influence of colors on consumers to a whole new level. How do you intensify color? We bet fluorescent inks would do the trick.

The Bright & Bold Trend

What’s the difference between fluorescent and neon? To make your marketing explode with color, neon is a great way to do it. As for the science behind fluorescence, Gordon Pritchard of The Print Guide blog, explains “The pigments in fluorescent inks work by absorbing ultraviolet energy (invisible to the human eye), and transmit it as longer waves in the visible spectrum.” This is what gives neon a distinction over the rest of the color spectrum.

Check out this promotional display Bath & Body Works designed, it features neon lug-on letters to reflect the citrusy goodness of the product line.


Fugitive Ink

It’s important to understand that fluorescent pigments are fugitive – meaning, they are the most susceptible to fading when exposed to light, especially fluorescent reds. Your neon campaigns should aim to have a promotional shelf-life of one month or less.

If you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone and experiment with colors, we have tons of ideas. Bring us your next colorful campaign, we’ll make sure it POPS.