Combining Print Production with Store Fixture Planning

You’ve probably been there, working diligently with two or more suppliers to get your next big in-store campaign to market. The struggle to keep it all in check, hoping that everything gets to stores at the right time, and that all the parts work together the way they should. It’s stressful!

When you manage multiple signage suppliers, especially when they all do such different things (print, fixture manufacturing, install, etc.), all you can do is hope that the final products work together as planned.

Combining Forces

Many brands are now realizing that it’s a lot less stressful when they centralize print & fixture components, production and installation with one supplier who can manage it all. It’s cost effective to marry the three, you have one contact overseeing the whole project, and it’s just plain efficient.

Lids, a retail store chain that sells “officially licensed and branded headwear,” has seen the benefit of using one supplier to manage their major in-store displays. Check out what they’ve been able to do when they put all their hats in one basket.

Lids_FabricandFrame Lids_Backlit_Fabric

Another brand, Garmin, a global leader in satellite navigation, also understands the efficiency of combining display components into one streamlined project. Backlit fabric structures were produced and installed at one of their brick-and-mortar stores in Miami, FL. The store’s impressive look and feel combines print and fixture components to create a one-of-a-kind shopping experience, the result of one supplier managing the entire project.



There are few marketing solutions providers out there boasting their consolidation capabilities, since it’s not easy to be well-versed in both the print and structural side of in-store displays; these days, it’s easier to be an expert in just one or the other.

But in our opinion, it’s in your brand’s best interest to combine print and fixture at one multi-talented supplier – it’s a one-stop shop!

The Best of Both Worlds

Manufacturing companies who manage both print and fixture have the necessary skills and connections to create an entire product from start to finish without clients doing any extra work. Everything is done at one location: from test-fitting fabric graphics to assembling entire focal structures.

When you consolidate suppliers, there is one direct line of communication and no need for the client to coordinate with different vendors, everything is done for them at one source.

Retail companies are a great candidate to work with single-source print & fixture suppliers: from prototypes to large scale roll-outs, working with one company guarantees a uniform outcome with products that are shipped from one location and can be installed at an associate level.

For your next in-store campaign that demands to be noticed, consider working with a partner who can manage it all. You’ll wonder why you weren’t doing it all along.