Plan Ahead: Increase Dwell Time

It has long been observed that the more time consumers spend browsing, the greater the likelihood they will make a purchase and the more money they will be willing to spend. A study in the UK found that increasing dwell time by 1% can lead to a 1.3% increase in sales. Similarly, the Wall Street Journal reports that retailers can see total sales increases of up to 40% by encouraging shoppers to dwell longer in store. 

These insights are especially valuable during the busy holiday shopping season, when retailers are poised to benefit most from high consumer traffic and increased urgency to buy. By implementing a few simple tactics, retailers can elevate their in-store environment to improve consumer engagement, foster longer dwell time, and ultimately boost sales. 

Impactful Signage and Displays

Engaging and visually striking P.O.P. is integral to creating an environment that effectively conveys brand personality, encourages interaction, connects with consumers, and motivates purchases. Utilize bold graphics, impactful dimension, and unique embellishments to command consumer attention, highlight relevant products, and create an immersive experience that feels less like a typical shopping trip and more like a memorable destination.

Strategic Layout and Merchandising

A well-designed store layout provides consumers a clear path to merchandise while encouraging discovery and interaction along the way. By placing popular items in the middle of aisles or deep within the store, shoppers are obligated to browse more items on their way to other products, thereby increasing both time spent in the store and the likelihood of additional basket items.

This table display is surrounded by low stools, encouraging shoppers to sit and sample various products.

Emotional Drivers

Create a store environment that engages the senses. Bold color, lights and motion, sound, scents, and tactile elements help to make emotional connections with shoppers, encouraging them to slow down, interact with displays, and make purchase decisions. 

Shopper Amenities

Providing in-store comforts and conveniences for consumers allows for a more leisurely shopping experience. In-store coffee shops, cafés, and even bars keep consumers satiated over long shopping trips. Kid-friendly areas keep younger consumers engaged so their parents can shop longer. In a world where consumers are constantly attached to their mobile devices, providing secure charging stations is a much appreciated service; a study on one such charging station found it increased average dwell time by 2.3x, conversions by 1.65x, and basket size by 1.47x

In-Store Events

In-store events are proven traffic drivers, but also innately provide consumers a reason to linger longer in one place while surrounded by merchandise. Live demonstrations, hands-on activities, and exclusive promotions build excitement and connection with brands and products that can translate into sales.

From bold, inspiring graphics to full customer journey audits, Imagine! Print Solutions can help you optimize your in-store environment to maximize shopper dwell time. Contact us today to get started!