In-Store Décor

Permanent Décor

Use permanent décor to visually stimulate and inspire your guests. Investment in signage more than 8 feet from the floor will better define store zones, direct your guests and create an appealing store environment.

We print more than P.O.P. Our clients turn to us to produce a complete in-store experience from signage to temporary and permanent décor. No matter the piece, we always consider budget, ease of implementation, durability and visual appeal. Best of all, we can color match all pieces across your campaign to keep your color and brand standards consistent.

Whether you have permanent décor now and need a refresh or you’re new to permanent décor, let us help you explore. Discover what permanent décor will do for you, and see why Imagine! is a leader in permanent solutions.

Make an impact with permanent décor:
• Overhead Wayfinders
• Department Signage
• Aisle Violators
• Wall & Window Décor

Contact your Imagine! Account Executive, or email, to discover more.