ImageWrap by Imagine!

As a brand marketer, you’re asked to stretch your marketing dollars every year. Creating a P.O.P. program that is both cost-effective and visually engaging can be a challenge. Seasonal and promotional programs bring added pressure to the frequency of when signage gets replaced or reused. Optimizing the effectiveness of your signage is mission critical.

Get more out of your P.O.P. by leveraging ImageWrap by Imagine!. ImageWrap is a dimensional signage solution that can extend the life of your in-store signage. This solution consists of a dimensional corrugate base coupled with an interchangeable graphic that wraps around the lightweight base. As the base is kept in-store and reused, seasonal and promotional graphics can be printed year long and new imagery can be swapped out on demand.

ImageWrap is versatile. You can hang it on a wall, suspend it from a ceiling, or lean it on a shelf. Assembly at store level is a breeze, and the lightweight base and graphics are shipped flat reducing shipping costs. Signage takes on a whole new dimension with ImageWrap from Imagine!.

ImageWrap Benefits:
  • Eye-catching – easy, instant dimension that enhances your in-store environment
  • Cost-effective – lightweight corrugate base and paper wrap are shipped flat to keep shipping costs under control
  • Reusable – simply swap out the wrap and reuse the base
  • Easy-to-assemble – set up and installation at store level are a breeze
  • Versatile – create boxes, cubes or columns that can be hung, stood or leaned
  • Large format – can accommodate a front surface up to 42″ x 72″
  • Eco-friendly – both the base and wrap can be made of recyclable materials and reuse of the base keeps waste out of the landfill

Pro Tip: Get more out of your P.O.P.

Display elements that can be rearranged, switched out, or staged in multiple ways throughout a store provide valuable versatility and visual interest.

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