5 Things to Do Now to Prepare For Holiday 2016

You might be thinking, “Wait, didn’t I just take down my Holiday lights and pack up the extravagant decorations? Didn’t we just celebrate all our hard work on Holiday 2015?” Yes, but as all marketing veterans know, now is the time to kick off Holiday 2016 planning. Here are five things you can do now to prepare for the hustle and bustle of the months to come.

Get Inspired 

What new, unconventional ideas did you notice in 2015? It’s hard to work in marketing and not notice how other similar companies approach the Holiday season.

What trends did you see this past year? We saw trends of outrageous window treatments, flexible fabric components and flashy embellishments. What creative marketing solution will you experiment with this upcoming season?

Print and Digital: Friend, Not Foe

As children of Marketing, these two siblings need to talk. Find creative ways to create omni-channel experiences that start in store and work their way through media channels. For example, create an in-store promotion that encourages social media engagement. Start by hosting an in-store event and promote it with a designated hashtag. This is the time of year when customer engagement is more important than ever, because even folks who rarely shop will likely be shopping brick and mortar (as opposed to shopping behind a computer screen) during the Holiday season. The combination of print and digital marketing makes for an enticing reason to get out of the house to check off those lists.

Maximize Your Print Budget

Speaking of digital, where have all the print dollars gone? Digital may help get customers in the door, but are they being converted in-store? Maybe you’re forced to do more with less, so you’ve got to get creative. Here are our tips to ensure your print’s return-on-investment, even when the investment may be smaller than it used to be.

Talk to the Experts: Your Suppliers

Who better to provide ideas for unique Holiday campaigns than the partners who experiment with new applications and engineering all year long? Take advantage of the thought leaders whose entire career is dedicated to staying up to speed on the world of print production.

We’ve got ideas swirling, ready to put them into physical form for your upcoming Holiday campaigns.

Keep it Festive All Year Long

It’s true that Holiday spending still increases year over year, and consumers spend more this time of year than any other; so an increase in advertising and in-store campaign spend is justified. However, you should aim to create inspirational and inviting atmospheres year round. Building strong customer relationships in the off season will bring loyal shoppers back when Black Friday 2016 rolls around.

Always communicate a clear, consistent message that’s backed up by an appealing store environment. You’ll get more credibility with consumers who see you taking an active approach to gain their business all the time – not just during the most profitable time of the year.

If you need some inspiration check out our Holiday concepts portfolio here, or get in touch to schedule a brainstorming session to get a jump on your ideas. Happy planning!