Give Your P.O.P. Style Points

P.O.P. undeniably helps to motivate sales when displays and signage are visually appealing, informative, engaging, and relevant to consumers. Create impact, resonate with consumers, and optimize ROI by incorporating some of these key tips into your next project.

Bring personality to your space

Some of the most creative P.O.P. displays today incorporate unique elements like LED lights, moving parts, physical props, alternative materials, and layers of dimension to enhance excitement, drama, and visual appeal. Use of glitter, neon, or foil finishes, contrasting textures and patterns, and varying ink coatings, such as matte or gloss, can add refined depth and interest to signage and displays. These embellishments serve to convey brand style and personality, differentiate from competing products, and create memorable, lasting impressions with consumers.

Pursue emotional connections

There’s an age-old trick used by real estate agents to help sell a home: baking fresh cookies before a showing. The scent of vanilla and warm sugar wafting through the air creates an emotional connection to potential buyers, creating a sense of comfort and happiness that often results in the decision to purchase. Retailers can utilize similar tactics in-store through their signage and displays. Command attention with bright, bold graphics; utilize familiar characters, images, and references from popular culture to drive your message; invoke nostalgic memories with seasonal scenes and subtle scents (i.e. cinnamon, peppermint, and evergreen during the holidays). With thoughtful design, these elements provide an invaluable opportunity to tell a story, convey brand values and personality, and create an engaging environment that encourages shopper interaction.

These window concepts evoke the freedom and carefree fun of summer

Keep versatility in mind

Get the best of both worlds with P.O.P. that is both attention-grabbing and functional. Incorporating shelving, bins, holders, or hanging hardware into your display allows for neat merchandising of product and convenience to shoppers. Expandable and modular displays maximize flexibility and allow retailers to ensure inter-location compliance while accounting for variations in store layouts. By utilizing permanent or semi-permanent materials, displays can become long-lasting fixtures, repurposed repeatedly for different products or promotional opportunities.

This Tetris-inspired modular display is long lasting and completely repositionable

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