Get More Bang For Your Print Buck

Every brand marketer can attest to the challenge of achieving maximum visual impact for an event while staying on budget. Spend too little and you risk uninterested customers and loss of profit; but overspend on graphic pizazz to entice those customers and you’ve blown your print budget for the next promotion.

Maintaining balance and ensuring recurring event success requires smart, sustainable signage solutions. By utilizing interchangeable signage and multi-functional displays in stores, you can get more bang for your print buck without sacrificing quality or customer interaction.

Start with a Blank Slate

A blank canvas represents the epitome of creative opportunity because it can become anything the artist imagines. Retailers can apply this same flexibility and creativity to their stores by utilizing generic base units with interchangeable graphics. An unprinted corrugate or SBS carton provides a cost-effective base that will last several months on a store display, and can be overlaid with eye-catching printed signage elements pertaining to specific events or promotions. The temporary signage pieces can then be swapped out with the next event, allowing the blank base unit to be used over and over again. 

Imagine!‘s own ImageWrap, constructed from inexpensive, light-weight corrugate, can stand freely, lean on a shelf, or hang on a wall. Imagine! provides variations of these interchangeable graphic solutions custom-tailored to fit client brand image and unique store needs.


ImageWrap by Imagine!

Another smart example of interchangeable signage is implemented by fine fragrance retailer Perfumania: their stores employ nonprint SBS cubes, which are fitted with 4-panel graphic sleeves. Because many of these base cubes are staged on fixtures alongside merchandise, with 1-2 panels of the printed sleeves visible at a given time, they are doubly efficient, as a cube can be rotated to showcase different printed panels or the sleeve can be switched out entirely for a new piece.

Maximize Versatility

Further opportunity for cost savings and smart P.O.P. strategy comes with the leveraging of displays with multiple application options. Imagine! has developed an ingenious two-sided frame design with the ability to fit either printed rigid graphic material or printed fabric; additionally, the frame itself can be staged as freestanding, mounted on a wall, or hanged suspended from a ceiling for maximum versatility in-store.


Interchangeable Fixture- Rigid SBS or SEG Fabric Graphic

Get the Most Out of Your Print

Signage elements with options for interchangeability and multi-functional applications present a practical efficiency and a clear cost-savings advantage for retailers. A nonprint base unit can be produced once and reused through multiple events, allowing for promotional signage to be printed on more temporary, cost-effective material. Display elements that can be rearranged, switched out, or staged in multiple ways throughout a store provide valuable versatility and visual interest.

Look to the experts and innovators at Imagine! to help you implement these sustainable signage solutions with your next event.