Get Creative: In-House Structural Design & Engineering

We’ve found that many of our clients can benefit from a little extra creative support for their campaigns. Our talented team of structural engineers and designers continually create eye-catching displays, engaging marketing materials, and signs with stopping-power, driving consumers to purchase.

If you’re looking for fresh concepts, fast creative output and engaging design, Discover Imagine!’s in-house structural design & engineering team and make your ideas come alive. Partner with a team of inventors who push the limits, play with new concepts and keep a pulse on customer trends. Turn to our engineers who make the impossible, possible. 

By leveraging the creative talent at Imagine!, you are tapped in to decades of print experience, choosing from award-winning designs that are optimized for the print production process -stretching your marketing dollars even further.

Check out our gallery to see more structural designs brought to life.

Structural design solutions:

  • Concept Development
  • Product Construction
  • Mock-Ups
  • Prototypes
  • 3D Renderings
  • Virtual Store Environments
  • Assembly Instruction Sheets

PRO TIP: Use Costly Materials More Strategically

The structural design team can help you decide how to split a specific display into categories, and decide where to focus your dollars. For example, only create portions of a hanging sign with a special material, and complete the rest with a more economical material. Use the more elaborate substrate on the most prominent part of your sign. Click here for more budget-friendly tips.

Contact your Imagine! Account Executive, or email, to discover more.