Game Pieces

Encourage participation and develop interest and awareness in your product with game pieces. Customers are given an incentive to play (and often repeat purchase) on the chance that they will receive an award or prize.

Why Imagine!
Imagine! game pieces feature technology that integrates digital printing and our full line of flexographic capabilities. Scratch-off ink or peel away paper can be overlaid atop text, graphic images, or even full-color variable information. Our variable ink-jet imaging allows individualized offers and data for each ticket and game piece.

We offer a variety strong, flexible material choices, with peel-away paper game piece options tested to ensure they peel cleanly without damaging content underneath. Finished pieces can adhere to almost any material and shape.

Imagine! has the ability and experience to achieve your promotional game piece vision- contact us today and tell us about your custom needs!

Games pieces are exciting and interactive, encouraging customers to purchase your brand over your competitors, and to do so repeatedly afterward. Promote your product at the point-of-purchase, allow flexibility and timeliness for promotions. Bottom line, game pieces encourage new product trial and brand switching as well as increased spending.


  • Print up to 8 colors, any size or shape
  • Gloss UV coating, scratch-off coating
  • Amount of colors vary based on construction
  • Customer supplied or supplier generated prize data
  • Available on paper, plastic cards, labels, etc.
  • Pull tabs & scratch-offs


  • Retail location promotion
  • Trade show traffic building
  • New product launch
  • Event promotion