Fusion Merchandising System

Fusion Merchandising System

Meet the most innovative approach to retail perimeter and focal wall displays. Our patent pending Fusion Merchandising System blends store fixtures and fabric graphics using tension fabric technology.

Tailor the Fusion system to fit your current merchandising strategy.

Nimble design — allows sections to be configured to any width.
Save on freight & storage — significantly fewer skids needed.
Easy installation — Store staff can assemble in less than one hour.
Less packaging — Labor savings for unpacking and disposal.
Fast domestic lead time (6-8 weeks) versus current import timing.
Innovative accessories and hardware for efficient in-store execution.

Use Fusion to:

• Simplify fixture and fabric frame installation into a one-step process
• Create a crisp and clean focal point
• Re-brand at any time with fabric graphics that ship small and fast
• Generate endless merchandising & graphic combinations
• Install directly to an existing wall or slat wall system

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