Elevate Your Store Slatwall

Slatwalls have long proven an effective retail element, allowing stores to maximize valuable floor space and take advantage of the prime merchandising real estate on walls. But many slatwalls appear dull and underutilized, occupied by standard fixtures that blend into the background and do little to elevate brand or atmosphere. Imagine! Print Solutions can help you execute custom, creative slatwall applications, combining dimension, functionality, and vibrant graphics to create a more engaging shopping environment. 

  • Wide variety of applications
  • Customizable to any slatwall fixture
  • Simple installation and removal by any store associate
  • Versatile and flexible, allowing for endless re-positioning 
  • Secure and durable for long periods of use
  • Cost-effective options with reusable bases and hardware–switch out only main graphics
  • Easy graphic change-out with new promotions
  • High-visibility, commanding attention at eye level