Elevate Your Stanchion Fixtures

Stanchion fixtures are commonly used in retail environments, acting as durable, portable, and flexible displays of informational and promotional messaging. These adaptable fixtures are especially effective in areas of high shopper traffic, such as store entrances, checkout lines, and main promotional areas. But despite their wide presence and valuable visual communications real estate, stanchions are often overlooked and underutilized.

Dressing up your stanchions with eye-catching signage and unique display elements is an easy, fun, and cost-effective way to get creative and make the most of available advertising space. 

  • Headers — Topping your stanchion fixtures with an attention-grabbing header immediately boosts visibility and can help weave in relevant themes (such as seasonal images) to create emotional connections and a cohesive promotional presence. 
  • Signage Inserts — Go bold with your signage graphics to capture attention and drive messaging. 
  • Lug-Ons — Unique lug ons add fun and realistic dimension to otherwise flat fixtures.
  • Base Wraps — Focus beyond the areas at direct eye-level! Incorporating a base wrap creates an elegant, continuous look and equips fixtures with extended messaging space. Custom stanchion bases can be engineered to incorporate shelves and product holders for merchandise. 

Check out these simple yet effective stanchion display ideas!

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