Stand Out with Special Effects

This striking display uses raised UV to create realistic scale texture, while vibrant fluorescent inks illuminate a volcanic eruption.

Make your brand and products stand out by incorporating unique special effects and embellishments into your display and packaging designs. Vibrant inks, raised UV coatings, ultra-shine gloss varnish, and flocking treatments create visual and textural interest, attracting consumer attention, engaging the senses, and providing an interactive shopping experience. 

Metallic ink and strike-through gloss varnish make this unique sleeve stand out.

There are a wide variety of approaches to choose from depending on the desired function and finished look of a project:

  • Fluorescent Inks absorb UV light to create bright, neon-like accents and incredibly vivid, high-definition pops of color. 
  • Raised UV Coating is built up on a printed surface to create tactile dimension you can see and feel–perfect for making graphics with interesting textural details stand out. 
  • Glitter lends dramatic sparkle and shine to print graphics, with a wide range of particle sizes and color options for a completely customized finish. 
  • Gloss, Dull, and Satin Varnishes provide depth and a defined finish to printed surfaces. Consider strike-through technique to create eye-catching contrast by combining dull/matte and gloss finishes. 

    This velvet-flocked foil packaging begs to be picked up and touched.

  • Flocking involves the application of many small fiber particles to a surface to create a soft, velour texture. This technique can also be used to apply larger glitter particles. 
  • Soft-Touch Coating provides an elegant, velvety, and fingerprint-resistant tactile finish, ideal for product packaging.
  • Metallic Inks create a striking shine and sophisticated impact similar to foil-stamping, and can be customized to any color. 
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Inks utilize phosphorescent particles that are activated by exposure to light and emit a soft glow when viewed in the dark. These inks are best printed over white for the most impactful glow effect. 
  • Black Light Inks are invisible to the naked human eye, but become activated when exposed to UV light–perfect for hidden messaging, security pieces, and giveaway promotions. 

Special effects can be applied to nearly any material and tailored to meet the specific needs of any promotion, product, or brand aesthetic.  Because Imagine! Print Solutions can apply coatings and embellishments in-line during the production process, we can help you achieve a striking look for your project while minimizing production time, planning hassle, and overall cost! 

Are you looking to drive engagement with your brand? Need ideas for eye-catching embellishments that can capture attention and get your products noticed? Contact Imagine! Print Solutions today to start designing your next project!