Elevate Products with Glorifier Displays

Glorifier displays are effective sales drivers, helping to capture shopper attention, direct traffic, and increase awareness of featured products. These unique displays are designed to interact directly with merchandise, boosting visibility of brand messaging and helping highlighted products stand out from competing items. 

Glorifier displays can be customized with a number of techniques, materials, and embellishments to match any brand aesthetic, and engineered to fit any footprint, from small shelves to large pallet displays. Common applications include:   


Pole-topper glorifiers help to elevate graphics and messaging above typical shelf or pallet height. These smart designs require minimal floor space and act as natural wayfinders to direct shopper attention and traffic straight to products. 

Replicated Reality

Larger-than-life dimensional glorifiers establish an attention-grabbing focal point to draw shoppers from every corner of the store. These unique designs convey a fun and creative brand personality, intriguing shoppers to consider products and enticing them to buy. 

Special Effects

Capture shopper attention by incorporating interactive light, motion, and sound effects into your glorifier display design. To maximize battery life, these eye-catching enhancements can be paired with simple motion detectors that trigger the effects while shoppers are passing close by. 

Program Promotion

No need to stop at products–glorifiers are also great for driving awareness and bringing attention to special programs and promotions. Connecting products to a worthy cause encourages purchase and helps to shine a positive light on your brand.

Are you looking to maximize shopper interaction with products? Need ideas to enhance your displays and lift sales? Contact Imagine! Print Solutions to get started on your next custom design today!