Get Glamorous with Glitter

Glitter embellishments have long been used to enhance and elevate product packaging and in-store graphics. From enchanting holiday displays to shimmery promotional signage, this unique, eye-catching effect adds instant interest and drama wherever it is used. 

In typical print applications, a powdered glitter of various particle sizes is mixed into a clear UV gloss coating and applied to a substrate via a screen or litho press run. Glitter particle sizes ranging from 0.001″ to 0.008″ in diameter are most commonly used for signage and packaging. In general, larger glitter particles deliver a more striking sparkle, as the particles capture and reflect more light, while smaller particles result in an elegant, subtle shimmer.

Benefits of glitter accents:
  • Dramatic, attention-grabbing enhancement adds dimension and shine to flat signage and packaging
  • Unique treatment inspires increased consumer interest and engagement
  • Versatile material applications, from static cling to SBS to foamcore
  • Wide range of color and particle size options, with ability to customize
  • Different colors and particle sizes can be mixed to create unique effects
  • Can be applied either screen or litho; options available for various budget considerations 
  • Able to run large quantities and two-sided pieces
Some considerations:
  • Because glitter particles are suspended in a clear (not solid) coating, a complementary color should be printed beneath the coating for the best effect. 
  • Areas with glitter coating cannot be directly cut or scored without chipping or cracking the piece. For areas that need to be cut or scored, we can incorporate knock-outs to prevent these issues.
  • As typical gloss coating is very thick, glitter does not work well on very small or fine-detailed graphic areas. A solid application area of at least 1/8″ width + length is recommended. 
  • Particles larger than 0.008″ cannot be applied through traditional printing methods; however, they can be flocked on. This technique tends to be best for small-run projects.

Are you looking to get glam and grab attention with your packaging and P.O.P.? Imagine! Print Solutions can help you enhance your projects with custom embellishments that stand out to consumers. Contact our team today to start brainstorming your next campaign!