Elevate the Path to Purchase

Kick start the new year on the right path by rethinking your in-store path to purchase! Each stage of the customer journey presents opportunities for strategic use of signage and POP, helping to streamline traffic, improve promotion visibility, drive conversions, and ultimately enable a positive shopping experience. 

An effective path to purchase directs shoppers through key store zones in a systematic order, with specific objectives in each area:

  1. Attract Traffic with bold, attention-grabbing window displays and outward-facing signage at entrances. The primary goal of these elements is to intrigue passing shoppers and drive them into the store. 
  2. Navigate the Way with clear wayfinding signage, endcap headers, and floor displays that differentiate departments and provide direction to efficiently guide shoppers to merchandise.
  3. Promote Products and Offers with detailed informational signage and engaging POP displays that encourage interaction. This is a valuable area to focus on slowing shoppers down. Increasing dwell time helps to maximize basket size and encourage the decision to purchase an item. 
  4. Close the Transaction with a register area optimized for an efficient and convenient checkout process. Consider placing stanchions and small counter displays in this area to entice last-minute impulse buys or deliver promotion, rebate, or membership information. 
  5. Support the Purchase after checkout with positive messaging that thanks shoppers and reassures them that they made good purchase decisions. Everyone has experienced the feelings of hesitation, guilt, and uncertainty that can follow a purchase. Going the extra step to encourage and reassure shoppers can help minimize later returns and establish lasting loyalty. 

Are you looking to elevate the impact of your POP? Need to strengthen weak points or identify potential areas of improvement in your path to purchase? We can help! Contact Imagine! Print Solutions today to schedule a store walk-through and discuss ideas for your next promotional campaign.